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We aim to empower vulnerable women around the world. We offer them education and jobs to give them independence and dignity. We give them a voice in their home and a place in their communities. And hopefully the view for a better future. Together we are stronger!

Please find below the organizations who need help:

Supporting and empowering women       

Group of Women
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Supporting end empowering midwives in Ethiopia

Since 2012, GreenLamp has reached over one million women and touched the lives of five million people in rural Ethiopia. Our mission is to empower women and girls through education, health-care and technology, and in doing so allow them to effect social and economic change in their own communities. Driven by the conviction that when you educate a woman, you educate a community, our long-term strategy rests on three core concepts: LEARNLIGHT and LEAD.


  1. Headlamp for midwives working in rural health centers: 25 EUR

  2. Annual writing material for ten midwifery students: 90 EUR

  3. Annual room & board for one midwifery student: 280 EUR

  4. Interpersonal Skills and Leadership training with Nonviolent Communication for Midwifery Students: 1'500 EUR

  5. Solar Systems with medical lights, refrigerator and charging devices for rural Health Centers: 3'400 EUR

  6. Yearly tuition fee for midwifery students at the Hamlin College of Midwives: 3'500 EUR

For Corporate Donations, please visit website: or contact  Linda Elzvik

African Women Rising

Founder: Linda Cole

Empowering Women after War in Uganda

African Women Rising, a small non-profit with a big impact, was launched in 2006 in Santa Barbara and Uganda to empower women after war by providing technical skills and support for success via education, agriculture, and micro-finance training.


  • $55 - provides 5 girls with a kit of reusable sanitary pads, underwear, and soap to make sure they don’t miss school during their menstrual cycle

  • $35 - provides a goat to one woman. Goats are important investments as they reproduce quickly. Offspring help pay for school fees and serve as insurance in case of any emergencies.

  • $100 - will provide one permagarden, three separate trainings each lasting three days, seeds and fruit trees, and monthly visits and technical support for one year

  • $200 - will provide training in business skills for 20 women, giving them the support they need to start a new business or build upon an existing one

  • $500 - will provide training in how to start and maintain a Perma Garden for 10 women

If you need further information on corporate sponsorship etc. please contact:

The Interview with Linda will be featured in May 2021

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Founder: Tine Christensen

Supporting homeless women and refugees in San Fransisco and Denmark

Blossom works for creating respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion for vulnerable women.

Blossom is a non profit that through relationbuilding create better conditions for vulnerable women, through prevention programs.


Blossom-Project could not exist without the support of individuals, private foundations. Your  contribution, large or small, will make a meaningful, compassion and caring difference. When donating above $100, you will receive a special designed bracelet.


Let's Meet On Earth

Presenting Humanity to Humanity 

Helene Tremblay has lived with over 140 families in 113 countries

More than 25 years ago, author, photographer, researcher, and speaker, Helene gave herself the mission of presenting Humanity to Humanity so that everyone on earth would know with whom they shared the planet and find inspiration in each other.

From sunrise to sunset, hour by hour, she shares the small events that shape the daily lives of families all around the world.


Let’s meet on Earth is a humane project that provides a global view of the similarities and differences between all the people. It is about the reality that unites us all. The stories reported shine a light on the people’s pride and wisdom. It facilitates our understanding of the themes of family, housing, youth, education, health, community life, hopes, and joys. It recognizes traditional knowledge, spirituality, and the relation with nature’s elements. 

Helene presents her work all over the world via presentations and photo exhibitions.

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