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We aim to make sure all children in the world grow up being LOVED,     HEALTHY, HAPPY, AND SMART. This means providing education for them, a safe and caring place to stay as well as access to medical treatments whenever needed.

Choose below an organization to help:

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Children playing
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Caring for children


LittleBigHelp, India

LittleBigHelp has established nine community centres in slum areas in Kolkata and Howrah, a boys’ and a girls’ home, several skill development centres for women and computer training projects for adolescents living in rural areas of Bankura, India.


Furthermore, LittleBigHelp supports a centre for special education for 180 children. We are 90 locally employed people in India and two people in Denmark working on 22 projects that empower more than 1,200 children and women.



For 42 kr. ( 5.65 €)  you can ensure one of the following:14 meals, 6 health check-ups for children, 18 days of school preparation for a child, 5 children’s soccer practice for a month

MEMBERSHIP: For 500Dkr ( 67 €) per year, you can ensure our work in India 

SPONSOR: For 175 Dkr ( 24€) pr month, you can support a girl's or a boy's home.

For CORPORATE and other sponsorships, please

Land Of Hope, Nigeria

We save innocent children, accused of witchcraft, from exclusion, torture and death. 

With care, protection and education for the children and by educating their surrounding communities, we lay the foundation for a future, where children grow up to be independent, active and social individuals who contribute to the development of their community.  



MONTHLY : A monthly donation of DKK 100 ( 13,45 €)  for 1 year enables us to pay school fees for one child at Land of Hope.  


MEMBERSHIP: A monthly membership donation of DKK 50 ( 6,70€)  for 1 year enables us to buy life-saving medicine for one child at Land of Hope. 


FREE DONATIONS: Every donation helps us give the children the happy and safe childhood that every child deserves. 



Please check website:



SMD boarding school of Nepal


We are here to help the forgotten children of the Himalayas preserve

their language, culture and Buddhist way of life.

SMD School is wholly funded by donors from 27 countries around the world. It is thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, that we’ve been able to provide free education to Himalayan children for over 30 years. We have currently more than 500 children attending the school. Some live more than 14 days of walk from Katmandu. 



A boarding Student:860 €/year, a Day Student: 380 €/ year, a School Munk or Nun: 480€/ya

SUPPORT U SIN OTHER WAYS: Make a Fundraiser event, Grow the Network, Be a YAK; if in Nepal, check with us what you can bring to help the students. Find a host School ( we are seeking top IB schools to host some of our brightest 10 gr students for a full scholarship or be a Host Parent for these students.

Please check for more information on our website: 

Space For Art Foundation

Founder: Nicole Stott

Uniting a Planetary Community of Children through the Awe and Wonder of Space Exploration and the power of Healing.

The Space for Art Foundation is on a mission of Space, Art, and Healing.


We are –

  • Creating large-scale space-themed art projects.

  • Building our crew of ‘Artonauts’- Children creating art together from hospitals, refugee centers, and schools around the world.

  • Leveraging the collective talents of our team of artists, astronauts, engineers, and health experts from around the world.

  • Focusing on the awe and wonder of space exploration.

  • Highlighting the connection between personal and planetary health.

  • Raising awareness of our role as crewmates here on Spaceship Earth.

Our strategy includes –

  • Facilitating and implementing space-themed art and healing programs.

  • Awarding scholarships and grants to art students and artists who want to develop their own space-themed art therapy ideas.

  • Documenting and sharing our work in support of ongoing research in the field of art and healing.

The Interview with Founder, Astronaut and Aquanaut, Nicole Stott will be featured in May 2021

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