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Tal Zur, IOTA, Israel

Iota is a social brand designing beautiful handmade lifestyle objects knitted by women from rural areals in Israel and Turkey.

Tal co-founded IOTA in 2014.

THE VISION behind iota is to establish a movement that allows different people from around the world to learn a technique of traditional hand-craftsmanship, by providing them employment and allowing them to earn an honest living.

This idea contains a social responsibility and a way to maintain traditional arts by extenuating the importance of knowledge and skills. It also portrays the belief that regardless of the infinite possibilities that technology offers, people still seek for a personal and unique hand print.

Meet inspiring Tal Zur, co-founder and director of this innovative brand, which use an old craftsmanship as crochet-knitting to create trendy and expensive home decor items as swings, poufs and plaids.

Already employing women from rural communities in Israel and Istanbul, Tal's vision for the future is to expand the brand to South America, Asia and Australia by employing women from underdeveloped areas in order for the women to get a better future.

Listen to her amazing story about how life has changed for the women working for IOTA in Israel. Often denied acces to other women due to religious or traditional reasons, these women have got a voice and a status in their family due to their income. And how it makes them stronger and give them a belief in themselves and the power to fight for their rights.

This video was recorded for my previous group XOIA, now turned into WOMEN FOR HUMANITY.

Courtesy to reporter Anne Pericchi-Draeger and photographer Marie-Pierre Morel from Magzine Coté Sud, for some of the photos. I found Tal through their reportage in the February / March 2020 number. Thank you for letting us using the photos.

Thank you so much Tal for taking the time to share your very inspirational story. We wish IOTA a lot of succes in the future and we look forward to follow your road to conquering the world of knitting women.




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