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Tine Christensen, BLOSSOM, Denmark

The Blossom-Project is supporting homeless women in San Fransisco and Denmark

and empowering female refugees in Copenhagen.

Tine founded Blossom in

Since the summer of 2016, Blossom Project has made its mission to support homeless women, inspired as a response to the sizable number of women facing life on the streets invisible in the shadows of our communities.

Blossom is a non profit that through relationbuilding create better conditions for vulnerable women, through prevention programs.

Blossom provides hygiene bags that seek to help homeless women managing their menstruation and for outreach professional to make contact with the women and promote health.

Blossom also creates community programs in Denmark for regugees women in order for them to integrate in the society.

Meet Tine and hear how she started up her organization out of nothing but a wish for helping others. And how she reached out to local communities to get it all started. It is a beautiful story about crossing all borders and and how it is possible really to make a difference with a strong will and a belief in your project.

Tine's beautiful saying about helping a person in need: " I don't believe that you change the world, but you probably change the world for that one person"

"I grew up in Denmark; the happiest country in the world, apparently. I was adopted as an infant from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius and grew up in the countryside of Denmark until my college years. I have always loved to travel, and when I met my husband, it didn’t take me long to say yes to be his bride. Soon, he presented the opportunity to move overseas. Upon arriving in San Francisco, I was struck by the magnitude of homeless people – not just limited to one area but virtually all over everywhere you go. Concealed by homemade wind-swept tents, sleeping in alleys, hiding underneath highway bridges, yelling or talking to themselves on the streets, it’s impossible not to deeply experience, discuss or be saddened by the scope of the problem."

In this first interview, meet Tine and find out why she chose to help vulnerable women.

( The video was recorded under the previous name of the group; XOIA)

Welcome the second episode of the interview with Tine, where she will go in depth with her Organization and the good they're doing.

Blossom works out from the values ​​of respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion

  • Respect ~ Assumes the situation of vulnerable women

  • Dignity ~ By seeing women not as a pathology or social condition, but as a human being, with a life whose value is the same from ourselves.

  • Inclusion ~ By giving vulnerable women better opportunities through learning and support. As well, help them build the foundation for a brighter future and flourish to the potential they have.

  • Visibility ~ By seeing the women and telling their story and raising the awareness of their relationships.

Some of the beautiful refugees in Copenhagen, Ayla, Faseeha, Selwa, Najah and Fatima.

Thank you so much Tine for sharing your great and inspiring story about helping these very vulnerable and often " invisible" women.

We wish you a lot of succes with your projects and invite everyone to check out your website to learn more about your amazing projects.

With love,



Facebook: @OurBlossomProject

Instagram: @womenblossomproject

Youtube: Blossom-Project Christensen


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