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Make a life-changing donation

A different Mother's Day or Birthday gift:

Instead of giving your mother flowers this year - nice, convenient but also a little predictable - why not together make a life-changing difference for someone or for the planet?. Help your mother support a cause close to her heart. 

Maybe your mother wants to help children in need; the forgotten children of the Himalayas, education, and a place to stay for children in India. Children saved from being accused of witchcraft in Nigeria, or cancer-sick children healed with the help of art. 

Maybe she prefers supporting women in Uganda, struggling after war, or midwives in Ethiopia helping rural women to safe childbirths. Homeless women in San Fransisco also need a helping hand.

Or maybe her heart is beating for the conservation of wildlife in Kenya?


Choose her favorite amongst the different Charity Organizations, created and directed by our Change Makers - outstanding women from around the world featured in WOMEN FOR HUMANITY.

Best of all; You can do this with all the other women in your life that you love….:-)



Loved, Happy, Healthy, and Smart 


Mother & baby in Tigray region.jpg

Supporting and empowering Women

around the world



our precious Planet

and conservation of its Wildlife

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