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The success of the outcome of being part of this community relies on the participation of everyone. We all work on a voluntary basis and each member decides how much time she can give to the group. There is no pressure or timelimit required. But a  


What you get as a member:


A free membership ( no fees)

 -We believe that it is better to use the money in your organization 

A closed community of women all committed to humanity

 - all members have to have a humanitarian organization or a company based on sustainability or humanity with a website to prove it

Access to a Private Facebook group

 - all members have direct access to each other

Monthly zoom meetings with the group

- all members will have the chance to present her project

Participation in small Masterminds

- with like-minded members to support you

If wanted, a role as a mentor

- for new starters or members who need special support

A promotion plate-forme for your project

- We post the stories of our members as inspiration for other women



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