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Protecting the planet, its oceans and wildlife

Human activities threaten wildlife in two main ways: by destroying and damaging the places where wildlife lives, and by using them in ways that are unsustainable. We aim to assure a more healthy planet for our children and grandchildren. 

Please find below organizations and projects to support:

Zebra Couple
Clownfish in Aquarium
Wild Forest Fires
Plastic Polluted Ocean
Lion cub leaping on Lioness copy

Kathy Karn

Award-winning Photographer, documenting on Wildlife conservation in Kenya.

As a visual storyteller I connect to people, culture and wildlife through my images and stories. My hope is my work touches and inspires people to care about each other and our planet.  I see that nature and people are inextricably linked.

Like David Attenborough I believe, “If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. When we save wild places, we save ourselves.”  

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