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"Café au lait"
Our new cozy morning events, where you'll get to meet our inspiring women live and have the chance to interact with them. Join us via ZOOM for an hour's chat with women who make a difference. For subscribers only.

Thursday 26th November at 11 am( Paris)

Julia Washbourne

Founder of BamboaHome

Meet visionary Julia Washbourne, founder of BamboaHome, producing sustainable lifestyle products in bamboo, and learn about her newest project: 


“At Bamboa Home, we constantly keep in mind that resources and energy supplies are becoming scarcer. Therefore we have considered it our calling to help rediscover the beauty and qualities of a sustainable resource: Bamboo. 

We design and produce attractive, useful home and lifestyle products using sustainable source bamboo. Our products range from bamboo bed sheets, to towels, to t-shirts, bamboo sunglasses, home-wares, bathroom items, and many more.

Our project the "Grow Bamboo Initiative" to grow bamboo on a larger scale in order to fight climate change and to support local rural communities has come together and has planted its first bamboo seeds in Nepal this year.

I also invite you to read the interview I did earlier this year with Julia and get inspired by her amazing story and her way to success.

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